Why Join Century Pacific Group?

Deciding what brokerage to join is one of the most difficult but also important decisions you can make.  As active real estate investors ourselves, each of us at CPG pride him/herself on providing the highest standards of brokerage, property management, and investment services available.  Our proprietary operational processes, genuine team-oriented environment, and unique investment analysis software ensure that each member of the CPG family has the tools and expertise to provide the highest levels of service to our clients.

As a member of CPG, you will enjoy:

  • More personal attention/participationAs a higher quality service provider, CPG hires fewer, more qualified agents.  This allows us to focus more attention on the specific needs of each agent and deal.

  • Broader empowerment for different types of transactions – Our agents are empowered to do either residential or commercial transactions, and typically provide higher levels of investment analysis.
  • No fees – CPG does not charge office fees to its agents.
  • Highly competitive commission splits – We offer some of the highest agent commission splits available, even when compared with brokerages that often provide less training and support.
  • Fewer limitations – We do not restrict agents as to what size, type of property, type of investor, or structure of deal is allowed.  A suitable mentor is assigned to ensure that the clients' needs are met.
  • Focus on full service investment management – By offering a full range of services, CPG maximizes loyalty and repeat business from your clients.  We can address all of your clients' real estate investment needs: from finding and evaluating properties, improving the property, and ultimately holding or selling for a profit. 
  • More qualified leads from property management/investing – Our property management and investment syndication activities generate leads that are significantly more qualified  than one would typically find serving "desk time."
  • Mentorship and resources to help build your own real estate portfolio – By focusing on investor clients, CPG team members benefit from comprehensive knowledge, tools, and resources to help build their own personal real estate portfolios.

If you have a history of outperforming your peers and over-delivering for your clients, we would love to hear from you!

Available Positions

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